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Research in our laboratory focuses on studying the key molecules, environmental and inter-cellular communication signals that modulate immune cell behavior and function under various life-threatening conditions such as systemic inflammation and cancer. One of the consequence of an inflammatory environment is the remodeling of extra cellular matrix proteins which could influence the immune via cell surface receptors such as integrins. Similarly, the complex and altered nature of cellular micro environments as seen in severe inflammation or cancer could modulate and reprogram cellular behavior. Our group is engaged in understanding various signals and resulting cellular dynamics using computational tools and techniques to understand the dynamics of receptor-ligand interactions, such as molecular docking, MD simulations and their validation in in-vitro and in-vivo experimental models.

Inflammation and Immunopathology


Cancer Immunoediting

Extracellular Matrix and Immune Cell Interactions

Systems Immunology



Invited Talk

Dr. Pranita P Sarangi showcased her research work at International Professional Network conducted by NIH, USA


Dr. Pranita P Sarangi among the panel discussion of EduTrek (1.0), SVNIT, Surat, India

Our Team

Dr. Pranita P Sarangi

Associate Professor & PI

Research Interests: Immunooncology, Cancer immunoediting, Immunomodulatory therapeutics

Pankaj Dipankar


M.Sc (Biotechnology)

Research Interests: Use of Computational Biology and Experimental validation in immunology

Shiba Prasad Dash


M.Sc (Biotechnology)

Research Interests: Immune cell trafficking in inflammation

Nibedita Dalpati


M.Sc (Biotechnology)

Research Interests: Inflammatory signals in cancer

Puneet Kumar

SRF (DBT-Project)

M.Tech (Biomedical Engineering)

Research Interests: Systems Immunology

Saloni Gupta


M.Sc (Biotechnology)

Research Interests: Immuno-metabolism

Lab Almuni
  • Dr. Papiya Chakraborty (PhD awarded in 2020);
      Current Affiliation: Post-Doc at NIH, USA
  • Dr. Chandra Bhan (PhD awarded in 2019);
      Current Affiliation: Project Scientist, PGI Chandigarh, India


  • Dash SP, Dipankar P, Burange PS, *Rouse BT, *Sarangi PP. Climate Change: how it impacts the emergence, transmission, resistance and consequences Viral Infections in animals and plants. Critical Reviews in Microbiology (2021) *Corresponding author

  • #Dipankar P, #Kumar P, Dash SP, *Sarangi PP. Functional and Therapeutic Relevance of Rho GTPases in Innate Immune Cell Migration and Function During Inflammation: An In-silico perspective. Mediators of Inflammation (2021) #Co-First author *Corresponding author

  • Chakraborty P, Dash SP, Dalpati N, Kumar P, Jain D, *Sarangi PP. A C-terminal Fragment of Adhesion Protein Fibulin-7 Inhibits Growth of Murine Breast Tumor by Regulating macrophage reprogramming. The FEBS Journal (2020) *Corresponding author

    Highlighted in commentary in The FEBS journal

  • Chakraborty P, Dash SP, *Sarangi PP. The Role of Adhesion Protein Fibulin7 in Development and Diseases. Molecular Medicine (2020). *Corresponding author

  • Chakraborty P, Dalpati N, Bhan C, Dash SP, Kumar P, *Sarangi PP. A C-terminal fragment of adhesion protein Fibulin7 regulates neutrophil migration and functions and improves survival in LPS induced systemic inflammation. Cytokine (2020). *Corresponding author

  • Chakraborty P, Dipankar P, Dash SP, Priya, Srivastava S, Dhyani R, Navani NK, Sharma D, *Sarangi PP. Electrostatic Surface Potential of Macrophages Correlates with Their Functional Phenotype. Inflammation (2020) *Corresponding author

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    Highlighted in commentary in The Blood journal

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  • Immunocon 2018, 1st-3rd Nov 2018, TISHTI, Faridabad, India

    Poster Presentation: Chakraborty P, Dipankar, P, Sarangi PP. Title: Evaluation of electrostatic surface charge distribution of inflammatory macrophages using zeta potential measurement as a tool.

  • Immunocon 2018, 1st-3rd Nov 2018, TISHTI, Faridabad, India

    Poster Presentation: Dipankar P, Chakraborty P, Sarangi PP. Title: Correlation of macrophage functional phenotypes with the electrostatic dynamics of surface proteins using in silico modeling approach.
  • Immunocon 2018, 1st-3rd Nov 2018, TISHTI, Faridabad, India

    Poster Presentation: Bhan C, Chakraborty P, Dalpati N, Dash SP, Dipankar P, Pranita P Sarangi. Title: Adhesion protein Fibulin7 modulates innate immune cell functions and improves survival in endotoxemia mice. Pg. 71

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Dr. Barry T Rouse Professor at College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennessee, USA

Dr. Minsoo Kim Professor at School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Rochester Medical Centre, USA

Dr. Kiran Ambatipudi Assistant Professor at Department of Biotechnology, IIT Roorkee, India

Dr. Umakanta Subudhi Scientist at CSIR-IMMT, India

Dr. Deepali Jain Associate Professor at Department of Pathology, AIIMS, India

Dr. Alok Mathur M.S. (General Surgery), SGRRU, India

Dr. Ram Kumar Verma M.S. (General Surgery), SGRRU, India

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